Samstag, November 20, 2010


Reality must be non-local.
Following EPR (Einstein et al., 1935), subsequent quantum state teleportation studies
have told us that the state of a quantum system A can be “teleported”
(in a “telepathic way as Einstein put out) from point X to point Y through a reality selection at point X by system B.

Such a feature gives a method (Furuzawa et al., 1998)94 of instantaneous
transfer for the states of a massive quantum, as a quantum is undistinguishable
from another when their states are identical. Shimony showed (Bennett et al.,
1993) that information (a classical concept) still can’t be transferred that way. The fact

that the quantum system seems to “know” the status of its various realities does not
violate classical causality as only the quantum system would have that “knowledge.”
And then if the quantum system transfers this information to the classical world at a
given location, it is not taken by that world as information since it would be identified
only through the conventional statistical quantum theory, giving a seemingly random
selection at the point of observation.
As a separate study will describe, Everett’s multiple-reality viewpoint, when combined
with the monadic spaces concept, may allow discerning quantum systems that can
exist with the ability to observe the classical world from within their own space. If the
manifold of such space is physically extendable across spacelike points within the classical
world, the possibility for quantum systems to communicate information instantaneously
to the classical world over spacelike distances would be theoretically there. Causality would
not be violated because the quantum does not operate locally, in contrast with the
classical world which has lost its unity (as I have discussed in Section V). In the monadic
spaces picture the speed of light is a base for quanta, a set of monadic relations
(there is no such thing as individual monadic relations), not for the various realities of
this set, which form a non-local whole.
This speed is a limit only when looking at
quantum processes from the classical world as done in the teleportation experiments,
and everywhere else in present quantum theory, and thus appears to be only a limitation....pués