Samstag, Juni 19, 2010

war is PEACE, ignorance is STRENGHT

war is PEACE ignorance is STRENGHT

Ja, jeg kan skrive.
Hva du gadd å lese bloggen ville du finne nok av eksempler på at jeg kan skrive.


  1. ey boys i see the light
    The Purpose of Candid Creation
    Candid Creation was created to give parents and young people an easy source to learn about amazing and unique things of the world. Animals, chemicals, unhealthy things you didn't know about, the sky is the limit for learning! Science actually means knowledge; which is why I love it. God gave us so much to learn!

    Feel free to suggest some posts, I want to write what you want to read

  2. freedom is slavery

    ambivalent about the suffering of human kind


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