Montag, Juli 19, 2010

Ferie Kripphal Tyren, Jairo cloning von arkitektur

Kripphal Tyren
Jairo cloning von arkitektur
Kripphal erase architect puppet
Kripphal is god?
Kripphal is Good?
totally tasteful
Go Kripphal Go
The Last Kripphal Klone

Jairo, please come back & dance....

Love the way , he does this,he feels it. Jairo what a performer
Jairo exists?

Jairo is a islamite non-alcoholic or a alcohol-free territory?
Obama says - ya see son, he drinks a bit.
what I would'n"t give to hang with Jairo in their prime.
Todays Kripphal 's couldn"t keep up them, they be in bed by 9 pm , lol?

Lucky Bacon sooo much soul in this Kripphal man
Bacon Poeticnia -Kripphal is God not a man
Im in awe of his gift of interpretation he was clearly one of the best ever! ZEUS caffey - yep

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